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Foods that affect your concentration and memory

Everyday we eat foods that affect our ability to concentrate. Here is what not to eat, in hopes that we will not become brain fried.     Foods high in gluten OK, now if your like me, you love anything with bread or carbs in it for that matter. Gluten, found mainly in grain products, […]

Scientists Turn Bacteria Into DNA Tape Recorders

  By tinkering with its DNA, scientists have converted the common gut bacterium E. coli into the world’s smallest tape recorder. The newly designed microbes are engineered in such a way that they are capable of documenting and storing memories from their environment which can then be retrieved at a later date. The idea behind […]

A Single Kiss Can Transfer 80 Million Bacteria

  More than 100 trillion microbes live in our bodies, helping us digest food and stay healthy — some 700 bacteria varieties live in our mouths alone. Now, researchers show that up to 80 million bacteria can be shared during just one French kiss, and couples who kiss each other nine times a day or […]