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Ron White on Improving Your Child’s Grades


Ron White, memory training guy here! I’d like to address the subject of getting kids to do better in school. What can a parent do to motivate a child to stop fooling around and get better grades? One of the most frustrating sentences a parent can hear from a teacher is: “Johnny is really smart, but he’s lazy.” How can you motivate your child to improve his grades and work up to his potential?

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Memory Palace


Memory Training Speaker also know as the Memory Guy or Memory Expert Ron White shares with you what it means to build a memory palace: A memory palace is simply the method of loci but a phrase that sounds a lot cooler :) This is the core to memorizing anything. All the world class memory [...]

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The History of Memory Training


I am always asked when I realized I had my special memory ability and when I tell people that I don't have a special memory ability but instead it is a memory system they are somewhat taken off guard. Then the next question asked, 'Oh, well when did you develop this memory training system?' I must confess I would love to of developed this system but I am by no means the father of memory training.

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Trust Your Memory


Two time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Expert Ron White shares his thoughts on trusting your memory: In learning how to memorize one of the first things that should be learned is the many benefits of trusting your memory. Trusting your memory allows you to move faster and memorize more information quickly. One of the most common things I hear people say is, ‘Oh my memory is TERRIBLE! I can’t remember names! I am a terrible test taker! My memory is getting worse and worse!’ The first element of trusting your memory is STOP SAYING THIS KIND OF STUFF! What you tell yourself about your memory will be programmed into your subconscious and ultimately become your reality. I daily tell myself, ‘My brain operates fast and I find it EASY to remember.’ I am programming myself to TRUST my memory!

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What Is The USA Memory Championship


Memory Training Expert and Two Time USA Memory Champion Ron White has been teaching others how to memorize for 20 years. Here he shares his thoughts on the USA Memory Championship: Tony Dottino founded the USA Memory Championship in 1998 after working with World Memory Championship founder Tony Buzan on writing memory training books. With [...]

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How to Memorize a Poem


Two time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Expert Ron White shares his thoughts how to memorize a poem: At the USA Memory Championship there is an event where you see who can memorize the most words from a poem in 15 minutes. Currently a high school student holds this record, Michael Glantz. He memorized [...]

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Is Memory Training Only For Memory Experts?


Yesterday I was contacted by a national morning television show to discuss memory and they asked me if I could discuss the value of memory training for the average person. In other words, they wanted to know. Is this stuff just good for memory experts or competitions or does it have a real life application to the ever day person? They wanted to know if the average person could even learn how to memorize.

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2011 USA Memory Championship Recap Nelson Dellis Wins – Page 2


This is part 2 of article at Article continues.... My brain was calm, very well rested and I felt good. If I was not to be the winner today it wouldn't be because my brain wasn't ready. It was...

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2011 USA Memory Championship Nelson Dellis wins – Recap


My focus for the 2011 USA Memory Championship began in earnest in October. I had set out to implement Ben Pridmore's memory system for cards. Yep, that is right - I was out to create an image for every possible card combination of two random cards. If you pull two cards out of a deck at random and place them side by side there are 2704 different possibilities. I hired someone to put all these combination in a Power Point presentation. Once this 2704 slide monstrosity had been assembled the task of creating images for all the combination's began. Finally by the first week in December and two months later it was complete. By December 18th I had memorized 1300 of the slides but soon realized that if I was to master this system it could very easily take a full year and I was only 80 days out from the tournament. Two months had been wasted and on Dec 18th I scrapped the plan and the real training for the 3-Peat began.....

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How to memorize the Presidents of the USA


Have you ever wonder how to memorize the presidents of the USA? Memory training expert Ron White shares his story of teaching the cutest 6 year old girl how to memorize: I have been teaching people to memorize the presidents of the USA since there was only 42 Presidents! That doesn't sound like a long time ago since today there is 44 Presidents. However, that was almost 20 years ago!

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