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Get to Know Your Brain


Since your brain is the control panel for your entire body, it doesn’t hurt to get an elementary school lesson on its main components and how they work to keep you going. Your brain is the mother ship, with all the control over every inch of your body, inside and out. It is divided into [...]

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Are You A Victim of Information Overload?


I read somewhere that compared taking in too much information to eating too much food, it feels good when you take it in, but soon makes you feel stuffed and uncomfortable. We are living in an information age – where we are bombarded with email, television, iPods, cell phones with internet, text messaging, and background [...]

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Friend Me – Increase Our Brain Size


How many Facebook friends do you have? A new report says the more friends you have on or off social networks, may be directly proportional to the size of your brain and this social interaction may help to increase your memory and mental functions. Wow, I’ve got to Friend more people! According to a study [...]

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Moderate Alcohol Consumption Increases Life, but Not Memory


I recently read this quote: “If recreational drugs were tools, alcohol would be a sledgehammer.” There are very few cognitive functions or types of behavior that escape the influence of alcohol, and that doesn’t just mean due to total inebriation but only after one or two drinks. As the dose increases, so does the proportion [...]

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Teaching Those with Reading Difficulties


Reading is a life skill that will serve you throughout your life. If you have problems reading in school it will follow you throughout life – through low self-esteem, lost job opportunities and even the prevention of getting a driver’s license. The National Institutes of Health estimates the number of people with learning disorders range [...]

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Researchers Working On Mind-Powered Prosthetics


The lab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was hushed as Tim Hemmes, 30, was able to rub a prosthetic calm across the palm of his girlfriends – an action that he had not been able to do since his summer motorcycle ride seven years ago ended when a swerve to miss a deer [...]

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Brain Fitness Training Can Alter Lives of Those Suffering From Tinnitus


Can you imagine have a ringing in your ears or noises that are so distracting you can’t think or sleep? For approximately 30 million people in the United States, that is exactly what they have to go through on a regular basis, and it is destroying the quality of their life and those they love. [...]

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Motivate Adolescents Through Innovation and Communication


Most parents can agree that getting your child motivated is a full-time job. You are dealing with hormone changes that affect emotions and body growth; you also are dealing with the changes that are taking place within your child’s brain development. It seems as if you are both heading in different directions, and they are [...]

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It’s Never Too Early To Start Preparing For College


Getting into college isn’t the same as it was a generation ago. Nowadays the earlier you start planning the better your chances of getting into the college of your (or your son or daughter’s) choice. It’s unfortunate that children have to start getting ready even before high school, but the upside is that improving grades [...]

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Technology in the Classroom


There are definite differences in the way children are taught in the classroom today than one or two generations ago. My grandparents’ generation were hands-on, trial and error types. They learned to work problems out in their heads. Now many of them have learned to adapt to some of the new technology, but are resistant [...]

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