FORT WORTH, Texas, March 15 /PRNewswire/ — He was suspended from college for earning a 0.9 GPA, but 2009 USA Memory Championship winner Ron White ( has come a long way in the years since: With his win at the 2010 USA Memory Championship in New York City on March 6, 2010, the Afghanistan War veteran has just become a two-time memory champion.

White, who endured months of intense mental and physical training to prepare for the event, holds the U.S. records for being the fastest to memorize a deck of cards — just one minute, 27 seconds — and for the most numbers memorized in five minutes.

“I am excited to have won the title of  USA Memory Champion two years running,” White stated. “However, my memory is no better than anyone else’s. I simply use a system and train hard. This year, the competition was particularly tough. It came down to strategy and attention to detail.”

White’s training system included running through a deck of shuffled cards over 1,520 times and viewing a string of 210 random digits almost 900 times, along with a strict diet and exercise regimen — including memorizing cards while jogging in place, snorkeling and doing jumping jacks. As a result, White brought his A-game to the championship, memorizing a deck of cards in just over two minutes and memorizing a 140-digit number in five minutes. It was enough to secure his victory.

White, who credits his military training for much of his success in the USA Memory Championship, is now a U.S. Navy reservist. His victories in the championship have made him a popular television and radio guest and a sought-after consultant to businesses and students all over the world, where he teaches others to implement his memory strategies for greater success in their professional and private lives. For those who cannot attend one of White’s seminars in person, he offers his six-CD “Memory in a Month” program.

“What’s amazing is not that I can do these things with my memory,” White explained. “It’s that I can teach anyone to do these things. Using the same techniques I used to win the USA Memory Championships, anyone can develop greater control over their own memory.”

So how did the champion celebrate his second consecutive victory? White, who, in an effort to bolster his memory, didn’t touch a drop of alcohol for 90 days before the competition, toasted his 2010 win with a rum and Coke.

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