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Wii Stimulates The Mind


The Wii games not only exercise the body, but also the mind too. There are many Wii puzzle games that test knowledge and strategy. One of my favorite Wii games is Big Brain Academy. This game tests and helps increase memory, math, logic, visual recognition, and analysis. This game can be played alone or in a group setting. Big Brain Academy is so fun that you won't realize you're working your brain cells!

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Alzheimers Disease Can We Slow the Progression?


If you, any family members or friends are diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease which is a brain disease that slowly but surely devastates mental,emotional and finally even the physical functionality. Alzheimers is the leading cause of denemtia in people over the age of 65 and affects over 300,000 people. Most of the conventional neurologists will in [...]

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Improve Your Memory With Brain Exercises And Stimulation


Ron White National Memory Champion agrees with this article. If you think your brain does not work as well as it used to, then youre probably right! As we get older our brain function will decrease and the brain itself will shrink with age, however you can take steps to combat this and ensure you stay sharp. As with anything involving your body, if you want to keep the brain working in good order you are going to have to take some exercise, so here are some things you can do to keep your brain fit.

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Exercise Can Act as a Memory Booster


Doctors are working to determine the benefits of exercise regiments benefits in improving cognition and reducing normal memory loss so that specific exercises can be assigned to improve memory. Adding to the long list of benefits that exercise provides to overall health and giving more reasons to get off of the couch and get active.

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Memory Competitions


Competing in memory competitions is very exciting for me. Every year in March Tony Dottino hosts the USA Memory Championship in New York City. I first competed in this tournament in 2008 after returning from my deployment to Afghanistan (I was a reservist). I first won the tournament March 7, 2009 and set two national [...]

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In the Media


Ron’s media appearances include: Good Morning America The Pentagon Channel ABC World News Tonight CBS Evening News CBS Early Show Martha Stewart Show FOX and Friends Morning Show on FOX News Canada AM FOX Good Day Dallas Show Great Day Houston Great Day San Antonio The Discovery Channel Good Morning Texas DFW Close Up (Channel [...]

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Triple Your Memory and Triple Your Business


Are you looking for a speaker for your next conference? Ron has delivered his crowd pleasing talk in almost every US State and countries that include Canada, Spain, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Belgium, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia to name a few. Ron will memorize up to 200 names before he walks on stage [...]

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I had picked TC up at his hotel earlier in the day as he was visiting my town of Dallas/Fort Worth.  After a few hours of driving he pointed out the window and stated, ' That is where a lake is right?'  There was no way that he could have seen the lake and I [...]


What is your malfunction?


You are at the bottom of an eight foot pool with a tank, breather and fins. It is pool camp at BUDS or the pool competency segment of BUDS. The pool competency is to the dive phase what hell week is to the first phase. Hell week is five days - Sunday through Friday night. [...]

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