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  •  Add more words to your vocabulary in a week than most do in a year
  •  Learn a foreign language in a flash
  •  Memorize jokes instantly become the life of the party
  •  Memorize your favorite poem, quote or scripture even if it is 200 lines!
  •  Memorize stats Become an genius on any sport you chose 
  •  Retain what you learn from seminars and classes. 
  •   Memorize a deck of cards in only minutes (remember what cards have been played in a game)
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Course Outline

The Black Belt Memory course is 7 modules (or belts). 

White Belt - Intro to memory. 5 steps to memorize anything

Yellow Belt - Memorize massive amounts of data easily and numbers  

Orange Belt - Foreign languages, passwords, business & school uses, definitions, vocab, formulas
Blue Belt - Names and Faces  

Purple Belt - Spanish, Russian, languages, poems, quotes, verses 

Brown Belt - Memorize playing cards, advanced number memory, impressive memory games/demonstrations, memorizing books (word for word or point by point)

Black Belt - Advanced training, Black Belt Memory skills. How to impress others with memory skills, learn anything in 1/3 the time

Memorize 1000's of Sports Stats!!
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  •  Increase public speaking confidence giving speeches from memory (without notes).
  •  Memorize chapters of books to learn any topic 10x faster.
  •  Recall product knowledge to advance your career.
  •  Memorize 100s of verses in a day not a year.
  •  Remember what you learn from classes to maximize time and money spent on learning.
  •  Trust your memory as you confidently learn anything new.
  •  Routinely recall 100 digit numbers to impress your friends. Remember phone numbers, facts, details.
  •  Develop a sharp and healthy brain as you age.
  • Learn phrases in Russian, Spanish & Japanese easily with fun videos.
  •  Discover the 5 steps to memorize anything.
  •  Memorize complicated math formulas to take the fear and stress out of math and science.
  •  Remember pages of notes for a test and be relaxed while doing! You will remember more as well!
  •  Improve grades and reduce stress for students.
  •  Discover the secrets to how the memory experts memorize decks of cards in 60 seconds.
  •  Memorize any poem, quote and recall on demand.
  •  Remember 10 key points from every chapter of every book you read.
  •  Become a subject matter expert on almost anything in days not months.
  •  Be seen as the 'go to' person because you are knowledgeable and prepared.
Your Questions (Most Likely) & My Answers 

Is this good for long term or short term memory?
Both. If you memorize something and don’t review it, it will be short term. If you review it (with the steps in the system) it will go into long term memory.

Can anyone really learn this?
Yes, the guarantee is no matter where you start your memory will increase by 300% minimum. If your memory is poor then at least 300% and if you already have a great memory at least 300%. Anyone with a normal brain can do this very effectively.

When did you realize you have a special memory ability?
A:  I don’t. It’s a system anyone can learn. This is the system.

Does this work for someone with Dyslexia?
A: Yes, the two aren’t related.

How long does it take to get really good?
A: In just a few days you will see massive results. After 10 minutes a day for 21 days you should be able to memorize 50 digit numbers in minutes. No joke

Can I do this program on my smart phone or tablet?
A: Yes, the website is mobile responsive and you can access from any device

Will this work to memorize foreign names?
A: Yes, there is no difference

What age can start this course?
A: 12 years and older could listen to the course alone. Younger than that would need to learn it from an adult who listened to the program. I taught a 6 year old to memorize the presidents of USA in about an hour (She could say it forwards and backwards).

What happens if it doesn't work for me?
A: You get your money back. (But it will)

Will this help someone with Alzheimer's?
A: No, unfortunately not.

What is the biggest benefit to this memory system?
A: It’s different for everyone. Some just want a quick, sharp and healthy brain. Students want to improve their grades in school and business people often want to remember names or sales presentations from memory. Everyone has their own reasons and this course addresses them all.

How long will I have access to this course?
A: Lifetime access.

Why is it called 'Black Belt Memory'?
A: I got the idea from the martial arts. In the martial arts you start as a white belt and the progress to the black belt. The black belt is the highest level of mastery. In this course you will earn 7 belts (white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, brown and black). Each belt covers a different and more advanced topic than the next.

What does it mean to be certified as a 'Black Belt in Memory'?
A: It means you successfully completed all 7 belts (levels) of the program and passed all the quizzes after watching the videos. It also means that you demonstrated a level of mastery over each topic by passing quizzes. Once you complete the program you will receive a badge and certification that you can display on our social media profiles, resume, email signature and even hang a certificate on your wall!

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