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Start Your Child Off With Brain Boosting Food For Life


Parents are always challenged to get their children to eat good and nutritious meals and not the ‘junk food’ that has been shown to cause obesity and other health problems in children. Starting them off early in life, with the right balance of nutrition, increases their ability to concentrate and learn, improves memory, and if [...]

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Reason for Communication Problem Within Nerve Cells Discovered in Enzyme


Abnormal proteins that form globs and restrict cognitive thinking, learning and memory problems in Alzheimer's patients are mostly made up of beta-amyloid peptide. By understanding how they form, and how they affect brain function, researchers can move forward to improve the diagnosis and treatment of dementia patients. A research team at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, [...]

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Blue Light Can Help Your Memory


Insomnia and sleep disorders are a very real problem with many people, and lack of sleep can inhibit the ability for you to remember, memorize and absorb information. When you are too tired to think your brain is not processing the information you need to be able to work efficiently, and you feel like you [...]

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CaMKII Identified as a Memory Molecule


Researchers at Brandeis University have reported, in the Journal of Neuroscience, they can induce memory storage, and then biochemically erase it by manipulating a “memory molecule” protein kinase known as CaMKII. This breakthrough could do much to benefit research into diseases of the memory, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. It also could prove to be [...]

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A Cold Sore Virus Led To Severe Amnesia


It’s hard to imagine that something a common as a simple cold sore (herpes simplex) virus could become life-changing, but that’s exactly what happened to Clive Wearing in 1985. What was once a promising music career ended abruptly in what was reported to be the most extreme case of amnesia ever recorded. “Clive’s memory is [...]

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The Terminal for all Brain Activity is Sensory Memory


Sensory memory is actually the ‘ultra-short-term memory’ of our brain. It runs much like a train terminal where it enters and gets routed to where it needs to go. From the initial impression made upon your senses the sensory memory carries the information and puts it on the right track to your working memory, where [...]

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Hand Movements and Abstract Thinking


I always enjoy finding research about memory improvement and brains function that involve some off-the-wall and fun way to come to a conclusion. As I have said before, making learning fun is an excellent memory tool, and I enjoy repeating these stories when I come across them. The two studies I am about to relate [...]

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Hyperfocussing Can Be Treated


At various times in our lives we all feel as if we are going through what scientists call the “absent-minded professor syndrome.” Our brains get lost when we get engrossed in what we are doing and we forget little things. It doesn’t make us crazy, or mean our memory is going. Even memory experts have [...]

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Can Fluoride in Your Water Lower Your IQ?


Most U.S. Cities (66%) have been fluoridating their drinking water for over fifty years, and has been cited by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as "one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century." Why then, all of a sudden are citizens of the U.S. and other countries taking [...]

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Neurofeedback Can Free Your Brain


“Mind over matter” means that what we think is standing in our way, and if we limit ourselves, out of fear of making a mistake, we may miss opportunities. Our brain, a complex and extraordinary muscle, allows us to do amazing things, but limits us when it feels it needs to protect us. With the [...]

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