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Can Intelligence Actually Be Tested?


Is there a test that can actually show how much intelligence a person has? Standardized IQ tests may give some indication of ability, but there are so many outside factors that can slant the results are they really dependable? Supposedly, intelligence is measured by two criteria: the ability to solve problems and general reasoning (fluid [...]

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The Sections of the Brain That Make Up Memory


The human brain is so complex that it is made up of several different areas, each having their own function. All of these areas can work together at one time, or separately. It is almost like a family tree, where there are main branches and offshoots of those branches. The offshoots have more subsections. For [...]

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Cognitive Retraining After Brain Cancer


After someone undergoes brain surgery there is bound to be some residual damage. You can’t go poking around any part of the body without at least a little swelling. Brain surgery for cancer involves more than just a little poke, and the residual damage usually requires more than just time for the swelling to go [...]

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Manage Your Blood Sugar to Reduce Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Risks


Two serious healthcare trends – the soaring rates of 1) Type 2 diabetes and 2) dementia – have biological factors in common, which scientists are beginning to believe is more than coincidental. An estimated 10% of dementia cases may be attributable to diabetes and, according to researchers knowledgeable on the relationship between the diseases, treating [...]

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Which Side of Your Brain is Dominant?


We have only one brain, but it is split into two parts – the right and the left hemisphere. It has been found that the side of your brain that is the most dominant influences how you process information. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right [...]

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Aging With Dignity – And Without Dementia


There is such a thing as aging with dignity, and the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) in Mankato, Minnesota are living examples. The average age of the nuns is 85, and there are quite a few older than that and going strong. What’s even more exceptional than their age is the fact that there [...]

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Waiter, Water Please!


I’m sure you learned in school that more than half of your body is made up of water (newborns are ¾ fluids and ¼ solid body). It is important in plasma, and in and outside our cells. Our skin and body tissues, including our cartilage, are guzzlers, and every part of our body requires quenching. [...]

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Life Increasing Gene Found To Boost Brain Power As Well


Researchers at MIT in Boston have published findings in the journal Nature stating they have uncovered a gene that could play an important role in increasing your memory and boosting your brainpower. It is the same gene that is said to increase life span. According to the research team, this could provide leads for the [...]

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Alzheimer’s Caregivers Need to Take Time For Themselves


As the average age continues to grow so does the possibility that more of us will be taking care of a loved one as they age or get ill. Caregiving is an act of love and kindness. It does, however, come with a heavy price tag, and without adequate support can turn from an act [...]

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