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Turning Anxiety in Your Brain to Calm


If you normally are a tense and uptight person, trying to get calm can be extremely difficult. Would it help to know that the less fear and stress you put yourself the longer you can prolong your life, and it will help to maintain your mental health and memory as well? Stress is the number [...]

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Brains of Men and Women Are Different


There is a difference between men and women, and it isn’t just gender. Several brain regions also differ. A woman’s brain is always active, while a man’s brain needs stimulation. Shinji Tsukahara and his colleagues at Saitama University near Tokyo, Japan, presented their findings at the recent Society of Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C. They [...]

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Math Requires Using More Than One Part of the Brain


Recent studies have found that doing mathematics is much more complex a process than was previously thought. From simple math to complicated equations, two distinctly different circuits of the brain are involved in the processing.  Until recently, little has been known about how the human brain processes math problems. Previously there was speculation, but that [...]

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Training Your Brain to Forget Pain


Do you often wonder how people who have suffered an injury can continue on, despite their pain? Do you recall the Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug who injured her left ankle on her first vault in 1996, but continued on a second time to help her U.S. team win their first gold? What about the amazing [...]

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Cell Memory Can Be Reversed


The Theory of Quantum Physics is based on the idea that everything is energy. This means that all the cells in our body are also made up of energy – negative and positive. Cellular memory affects everything that happens in your body, consciously or subconsciously, positively or negatively. This cellular memory is stored in every [...]

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Remote Viewing and the Brain


The United States Government believed Russians was using psychics during the Cold War to spy on other countries. They called this process they called “remote viewing.” So, not to be outdone, the U.S. turned around and tried the same thing. A CIA report released in 1995 detailed the success of experiments done by the Science [...]

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Adolescent Brain Drain From Marijuana Usage


Marijuana usage among adolescents continues to rise because too many want to believe there is no harm done. That couldn’t be further from the facts, and a reports published in the British Journal of Psychiatry has evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, this information, like the warning on the side of cigarette packages, will continue to [...]

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Telomeres Could Change The Way We Age


Is there a way to control the aging process in our cells and stop our body and brain from growing older? According to some researchers this may be possible. Unfortunately, there are few scientists working on this project. Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute wanted to see if, by modifying a gene expression of the [...]

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Enriching Synapse to Improve Memory and Learning


Environment has been found to have a lot to do with evolution and the ability of the species to adapt to their changing surroundings. Through the centuries, some animals who once swam are now able to walk on land; some who lived on land have been able to adapt to water; some who walked on [...]

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Confusion of Imagination and Memory – Confabulation


There really is a word “confabulation.” It is defined as “the spontaneous production of false memories: either memories for events which never occurred, or memories of actual events which are displaced in space or time.” The memories could be extremely bizarre, elaborate, detailed, or simply a combination of actual happenings and imagination. They could range [...]

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