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Weather Changes and Your Memory


Dreary rainy or wintry days seem to bring out the moodiness in us all. Sunshine, on the other hand, seems to clear up our brains and allow us to learn and memorize easier. Is this an individual phenomena or is something going on in our brains that allows for variations in weather to affect our [...]

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Athletes Can Improve Their Game with Brain Training


Olympic athletes already know that training for any event is 90% mental and 10% physical. Navy SEALs know that your body can do anything, including pushing itself further than it ever has simply by focusing your attention on finishing the mission. Your brain is your body central, and it is what drive you to accomplish [...]

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Understanding Long-Term Memory


When we want to retrieve some information we do it from long-term memory. This information can be stored just as it says, for long-term or life. As far as neuroscientists know, long-term memory has no limit, so as many memories as you can gather and your short-term memory will allow to be saved and passed [...]

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How Do We Form Moral Judgments?


An unusual finding about how we form moral judgments was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Scientists have found a surprising link between magnets and morality, and the fact that our “moral compass” can be changed in an instant by sending a magnetic impulse to the center of the brain, [...]

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Use of Psychics for Counterintelligence – The Real X-Files


Neuroscientists are now actually delving into the idea that all people may in fact possess some type of phychic ability. A current study underway in the United Kingdom, at the University of Northampton, has found indications that up to 85% of their subjects possess some type of clairvoyance – “remote viewing” skills. According to their [...]

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The Brainworks of the Written Word


How can marks on a paper, wall or other surface differ from the way our brain processes other form of communication? Although we taking reading and writing for granted, there was a time – not too many generations ago, when it didn’t exist. Ancient petroglyphs all over the world date back thousands of years, when [...]

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Is It Free Will, or Our Neurons Making Our Decisions?


For centuries the philosophers have debated the existence of free will. Those with a religious bent claimed it definitely existed, while those of a more scientific persuasion leaned more toward a biological reason. The debate is still ongoing, with new twists now being added by neuroscientists. The ancient Greeks looked to their goddess of necessity [...]

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Want to Boost Your Baby’s Brainpower?


Parents always wonder if they have done enough to prepare their children for school, or taught them enough. It’s common to second-guess our efforts at parenting, primarily because there is so much competition – for the “right” preschools and the need to start early to position your child for higher education. There is so much [...]

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What fires off in our brains when we get to the point that we want to lash out with intense anger? Why do some people have a lower boiling point than others? Anger itself isn't a problem — it's how you handle it. Anger itself is a natural response. It causes your body to release [...]


Your Brain on Politics


Is it possible to tell how a voter will cast their ballot from looking at a scan of their brain using an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)? Will brain mapping provide clues as to how the election will go? What actually goes on in your brain when you make a decision, or a mistake, or [...]

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