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Listen and Learn


A good listener is not born with this skill, they learn it and it takes time. You will be amazed at the areas that open up to you when you only take the time to actually process the information others are giving you, and respond accordingly. Psychologists, therapists, communication experts and memory experts are constantly [...]

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Teen Brains Don’t Work Like Adults’


A friend of mine, the mother of four, once said that if she could make a wish it would be for a machine to hold children in suspended animation until they get through puberty, and we could educate them through headphones. It was a joke, but many parents of teens feel this is a great [...]

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History Has Improved Memory Techniques


Even cavemen had to remember things they saw and sensed in order to survive, so the search for the way to retain memory has been around since the beginning of our time. Cavemen learned through observation, experience, repetition and trial-and-error – much the way we learn today. The poet Simonides, in 477 B.C., came up [...]

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A Young Brain Fights Off Age-Related Memory Problems


Research from the Alzheimer’s Association’s first ever conference, in 2005, shows that it’s never too late to begin putting your mind into top shape for the future. The more you do to be brain healthy the better your chances at preventing disease that could cost your memory – like Alzheimer’s.  Here are a few suggestions [...]

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Researchers Unable to Isolate IQ Genes


Hunting down the specific gene, or set of genes, that comprise our memory has proven to be as elusive as tracking down the Lock Ness monster. Researchers have been trying for decades to target the “intelligence genes” in order to find out if intelligence is inherited, or a result of the environment. They also believe [...]

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Brain Plasticity Forms Who We Are


Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability for our brains to reorganize neural pathways to make room for new experiences in our lives. It forms the basis for our personality, our behaviors, our emotions, our creativity and our whole life in general. As our experiences are taken in our brain is processing it and making [...]

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Get to Know Your Brain


Since your brain is the control panel for your entire body, it doesn’t hurt to get an elementary school lesson on its main components and how they work to keep you going. Your brain is the mother ship, with all the control over every inch of your body, inside and out. It is divided into [...]

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Are You A Victim of Information Overload?


I read somewhere that compared taking in too much information to eating too much food, it feels good when you take it in, but soon makes you feel stuffed and uncomfortable. We are living in an information age – where we are bombarded with email, television, iPods, cell phones with internet, text messaging, and background [...]

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Friend Me – Increase Our Brain Size


How many Facebook friends do you have? A new report says the more friends you have on or off social networks, may be directly proportional to the size of your brain and this social interaction may help to increase your memory and mental functions. Wow, I’ve got to Friend more people! According to a study [...]

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Teaching Those with Reading Difficulties


Reading is a life skill that will serve you throughout your life. If you have problems reading in school it will follow you throughout life – through low self-esteem, lost job opportunities and even the prevention of getting a driver’s license. The National Institutes of Health estimates the number of people with learning disorders range [...]

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