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The Literacy Company Expands their line of Speed Reading Products with the Release of Speed Reading For Dummies


Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) August 12, 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona — The Literacy Company announces the release of Speed Reading For Dummies, written by its Founder and CEO, Richard Sutz. Sutz has more than forty years of experience in developing methods to teach enhanced reading skills. This book, a companion guide to The Literacy Company’s Reader’s Edge Speed Reading program, proudly joins the famous and world renowned family of 300 million Dummies books.


In conjunction with The Reader’s Edge, the #1 rated speed reading program, Speed Reading For Dummies is The Literacy Company’s newest tool in its effort to expand the Nation’s reading curriculum to include teaching Read-To-Learn skills. The goal is to change the way people read and the way reading is taught.


Speed Reading For Dummies is a practical, hands-on user-friendly guide that will facilitate more efficient reading of books, newspapers, magazines, e-mails or technical journals. The combined teachings of Speed Reading For Dummies and The Reader’s Edge will greatly assist in learning how to read better and faster with improved comprehension, retention and recall.


In today’s information-based society, in which individuals are ultimately judged on how well they read, improving ones’ reading skills means improved efficiency and productivity. Here’s a partial list of the important topics covered in Speed Reading For Dummies:


•Why everyone can become a speed reader

•Why silent reading is so important

•How to read groups of words without vocalizing

•Tools, techniques and exercises to improve your reading skills

•Vocabulary building techniques

•Forms to monitor your speed reading progress

•Exercises for eye health

•Tips for making your speed reading skills as permanent as those for riding a bike

To learn more about Speed Reading For Dummies or The Reader’s Edge Speed Reading program, visit The Literacy Company’s web site at The Literacy Company Speed Reading Products.


International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 9780470457443





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