I spoke for a High School on memory training not long ago and here is a review of my memory training system that I received!

Hi Ron,

Can the Bartlett party of 3 reschedule our 2-day workshop for another set of dates?
You mentioned at the Southlake Sr. High School presentation that if the Feb 2-day workshop didn’t work we could attend another time.  I’m out of town – I’m sure you know how that goes!
Testimonial 1:  I had my family call out 20 things and I blew them away with my memory.  I now have 110 files and am starting to use them in real life.  It’s exciting!  My son Ben attended your presentation with me and he was so impressed with my demonstration that he now has 20 files and used them to remember the 5 things he had to remember to do at Boy Scouts this week.
Testimonial 2:  My wife Shelly and I met with Ben’s teachers and they said he forgets his assignments.  I said we will have him try to use his memory training to remember.  They wanted to know how it works and I told them.  They got really interested.  Do you want me to send them an invitation to your workshop?  If you haven’t marketed your class to school systems and teachers, you may want to think about it.