Two Time USA Memory Champion and Ron White Memory Expert shares his thoughts on how personality profile test can reveal secrets to effective communication:

I am considered to be an expert on the brain and I find that humbling because…well…I got kicked out of college. Yet, I have received this honorary title not as a result of a degree but simply put because of the memory demonstrations that amaze most when they see them. From using memory training to memorize a deck of cards in 90 seconds or 300 names in an audience in an hour. So it is naturally assumed as a memory expert I must have mastered many other aspects of the brain. For example, some expect me to be a master at spelling or able to do quick math in my head and frankly…that just isn’t me.

Another area I have recently noticed I lacked deficiency in was understanding that different brains actually communicate with different languages. I have developed a good friendship with a man named Fred Kendall who is also a counselor and he has explained to me the need to communicate in a language that someone else’s brain understands. It is as if the secret box that held all the answers has been sitting at the foot of my bed the entire time but no one until Fred bothered to explain the box to me. Or more realistically, many have and my ears just haven’t been ready to listen.

The truth is that all our brains work a little differently and have different ‘needs’. He breaks them down into the ‘7 Behavorial Life Languages’ in his book

It is a book that I HIGHLY recommend you get and read if you think you might be interacting with anyone in the near future or next 30 years. It could save you a lot misunderstandings down the road. Two people who may think they are incompatible would just realize that they are not speaking the same language. He has a website where you can go to discover you language at

So there you have it, I am a memory expert and memory trainer but definitely open to learning new items about the brain and I have learned so much from Fred about how the brain works, how my brain works and how to interact with those who have brains that operate differently. I highly encourage his book and if you live in the DFW area I also highly recommend you make an effort to reach out to him if you have any questions. He can definitely help you in your case to become an even better ‘Brain Athlete’!