One of the greatest basketball players of all time and one of the most iconic athletes of recent memory is teaming up with another superstar of equal star power to potentially purchase the Miami Marlins.

Are there bigger names in sports than Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter?

Maybe, but who?

And now a report says they are teaming up to buy the Marlins.

With their track record of winning, how can the lose this bid?


It doesn’t sound like Jordan is a serious player in the investment, but anytime a name like that is attached to a business deal, my college economics professor would argue that it is an offer worth listening to.


The Marlins are a team without much success lately but this sale sure is drawing up a lot of interest and stories.

It should be interesting to see who the new owners are.

Pitbull, Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush, Michael Jordan, who is next?