Everyone loves bobbleheads.

I will get to the game an hour in advance just to get mine.

It is great for the team to sell tickets and market their star players and the fans love them.

So the Mariners decided to do this with Cano but the problem is this bobblehead looks NOTHING like Cano!

Who designed this? haha

What do you think?

At 43-47, Seattle is 17.5 (!) games behind the first-place Astros in the American League West, but just four games out of the second Wild Card spot.

Cano is having a strong 2017 season, posting a .275 average with 17 home runs and 60 RBI; he’s been good in all 3.5 of his seasons with the Mariners, though his 2017 numbers are slightly down from 2016.

The bobblehead giveaway will be September 9th. Maybe you should get one! They might be a collector’s item just for the comedy value.

Let’s hope next year the Mariners try this again but use a different artist!