rabbitrunningAnother factor that is going to slow down your reading speed is verbalizing the words as you read. If you are saying the sentence out-loud you are not going to be able to achieve a fast level of reading.

The statistics say that the average American reads 250 to 300 words per minute and can reach speeds of 800 to 1,000 words per minute with practice and a system. For such a system visit our Brain Athlete package .

One of the techniques that we teach in our brain athlete package is that verbalizing words as you read is going to slow you down. Even if you are saying the words very softly to yourself in an inaudible tone, the time you are taking to pronounce the words and move your vocal cords is going to slow you down.

If you find it is a habit that you are having a hard time breaking try humming next time you read. It will be impossible to hum and verbalize the words at the same time and eliminating this habit is going to enhance your reading speed.

It has been said that standard education will get you jobs, and self-education will make you fortunes. This is no doubt true, and I believe that reading is a key skill necessary to self-education. Statistics say the average CEO in America reads 4-5 books per month while the average American reads 1 book per year! This same statistic goes on to say that 60% of those average Americans don’t even get past the first chapter in that one book! You may shrug your shoulders and say – okay big deal – so what? I am not a reader and why should that bother me?

Whether it should bother you or not is for you to decide. I simply share the facts with you. So here is another interesting fact: The average CEO of a Fortune 500 company will earn an average of 536 times the salary of the average employee of the company he runs. This means that the employee of that company will work for a year and a half to equal the salary of the CEO for one day! What an extremely amazing and true statistic! Now, I am not going to suggest to you that the only difference between the CEO and the average employee is that the CEO reads a lot of books and the employee doesn’t; however, I will suggest to you that is one of the major differences.

So practice to read faster and watch it impact your income!

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