The Workings of Retrograde Amnesia


The brain has a way of blocking out traumatic incidents in order to allow the person time to deal with the events. The memory is not lost, simply filed away in a secret compartment until it feels the person is able to cope with the trauma. If someone sustained a head injury during an auto [...]

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A Cold Sore Virus Led To Severe Amnesia


It’s hard to imagine that something a common as a simple cold sore (herpes simplex) virus could become life-changing, but that’s exactly what happened to Clive Wearing in 1985. What was once a promising music career ended abruptly in what was reported to be the most extreme case of amnesia ever recorded. “Clive’s memory is [...]

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Amnesia Changes Memory – But Not Usually Other Brain Functions


People who get amnesia are unable to retrieve memory stored in their brains. Their brain has somehow become compromised, usually through injury or a traumatic experience. Ordinarily amnesiacs can function as normally as they did before, in all areas such as language and speech, processing information and even doing complex math. The exception is that [...]

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Frozen In Time


We are always discussing how the brain works to create memories, but do not often test the waters in how our brain holds the memories we have already stored there. Healthy brains are able to store memories in different regions – depending on what the memory is used for. What about people who have sustained [...]

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