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How Much Brain Damage Can You Get From a Cell Phone?


Studies all over are reporting that keeping your cell phone glued to your ear can cause brain damage? Can this be true? It seems everyone you see has a phone glued to his or her ears – no matter where you are. How much damage are these devices doing, and can it be reversed? If [...]

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Heavy Marijuana Use Proven to Harm Brain Functions


Over the years there has been a running debate among users and non-users of marijuana as to the effects the drug has on the brain. Non-users say it reacts in the body much the same as alcohol abuse, with slower memory and reflexes. Users say there is no change in the brain chemistry or function, [...]

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Connecting Brain’s Social Network Through “Rich Club”


There are some amazing stories of survival involving people who have sustained extensive brain damage. The one that comes to mind currently is that of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot directly in the head and not only survived, but has made some amazing strides toward a near-full recovery. Our brains actually can perform [...]

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Migraine Headaches and Brain Damage


What does your brain go through when you have a migraine? Recent studies have found it may be that the brain goes through a process much like a mini-stroke, and that surprisingly migraines may actually cause some brain damage. Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center published a paper in the April 29 online [...]

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Some Over-the-Counter Drugs Could Cause Brain Damage


Over-the-counter drugs are considered safe because they don’t require a prescription. That view has been challenged by some research. Some common brands of drugs taken by adults have been shown to negatively affect brain function. Anticholinergics affect the brain by blocking acetylcholine, a nervous system neurotransmitter. Those suffering from Alzheimer's disease typically have a marked [...]

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Frozen In Time


We are always discussing how the brain works to create memories, but do not often test the waters in how our brain holds the memories we have already stored there. Healthy brains are able to store memories in different regions – depending on what the memory is used for. What about people who have sustained [...]

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Can Alcohol Cause Brain Damage?


Two-time USA Memory Champion, Ron White, would like to share this information about alcohol and its effect on your brain. Most of us have known, or been around people who have been drunk. We know they act differently than they usually do when sober. They have slurred speech, impaired judgment and motor skills, and loss [...]

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New AAN Tools Teach Coaches and Athletes How to Spot and Deal With Concussion


Tools intended to reduce the estimated four million US sports concussions experienced each year and to limit the severity of injury that can result from continued play after concussion, The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) introduced new tools for high school coaches, athletes and parents of youths to learn the signs of sports concussion. It [...]

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