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Training Your Brain to Forget Pain


Do you often wonder how people who have suffered an injury can continue on, despite their pain? Do you recall the Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug who injured her left ankle on her first vault in 1996, but continued on a second time to help her U.S. team win their first gold? What about the amazing [...]

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Athletes Can Improve Their Game with Brain Training


Olympic athletes already know that training for any event is 90% mental and 10% physical. Navy SEALs know that your body can do anything, including pushing itself further than it ever has simply by focusing your attention on finishing the mission. Your brain is your body central, and it is what drive you to accomplish [...]

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Brain Training Can Improve Driving Skills


Statistics used to say that older drivers, as a group, tended to be more likely to be at fault in auto accidents than younger people, and suffered more severe injuries or death as a result. Recent studies indicate that with some brain training these negative statistics could be turned around and help older adults to [...]

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Memory Training Can Help Make Driving With Senior Safer


In 2003 an 85-year-old man Santa Monica, California man pressed his foot on the gas pedal of his 1992 Buick, mistaking it for the brake, and drove three blocks along a crowded Farmer’s Market, running into people and business stands along there way before a body crashed into his windshield and stopped the car. Nine [...]

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Cross-training Your Brain


Are you dominant on the left side of your brain or the right? You may think you know, since left-brain thinkers are more creative while those right-brain thinkers are more analytical, but it is not always clear-cut. In fact, most people are a combination of both, and I would like to help you get the “neglected” side to work for you as well.

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