how to speed read

Speed Reading – Breaking Old Habits


Unlike other skills we seem to have mastered as we grew up, reading and comprehension seem to be something we take for granted. If we read at normal speeds of around 120 words a minute with good comprehension we think that is enough. Think about it though, how many times have you read something and [...]

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How to Speed Read


I have been teaching memory training seminars for a long time! In the first few years of teaching people would always ask me, 'Do you teach speed reading as well?' I would tell them that I was a memory speaker and not a speed reading expert they are distinctly two skills. Then a few years [...]

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Speed Reading Tip from Ron White


Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White memory guy shares a tip on speed reading - I just completed teaching my 2 Day Brain Athlete seminar in Singapore and a portion of the two days was devoted to speed reading techniques. The group really enjoyed the material and a few people [...]

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