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Memory Protein Recently Discovered


Being the national memory champion Ron White gave his opinion on a new memory protein recently discovered. This interview talks about the protein emitted when the brain learns something new. They have identified and isolated it. When injected into lab rats they had a huge change memory both short and long term. Ron shares some ways that the mind uses pictures to lock in memories.

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Improve Study Skills to Eliminate Test Anxiety


Parents often are frustrated with students who come home with poor test scores, thinking they did not study enough or pay attention in class. Often this is far from what is really going on. The child may be suffering from performance anxiety, even if they know the material forward and backward before entering the testing room.

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No More Memory Loss ? Champion Brain Food


Ron White the National Memory Champion is a big proponent of Omega 3. Enjoy this articles explanation... If you suffer from memory loss or attention deficit, there may be a simple and natural solution to provide your brain with the food it needs to reverse these affects and to put you on the road to remembering items that seem to have escaped your thoughts the past few years.

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Improve Your Memory With Brain Exercises And Stimulation


Ron White National Memory Champion agrees with this article. If you think your brain does not work as well as it used to, then youre probably right! As we get older our brain function will decrease and the brain itself will shrink with age, however you can take steps to combat this and ensure you stay sharp. As with anything involving your body, if you want to keep the brain working in good order you are going to have to take some exercise, so here are some things you can do to keep your brain fit.

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What makes an exercise Neurobic?


To begin with, not everything that's novel or new provides the kind or strength of nerve cell stimulation that is necessary to activate new brain circuits and enhance neurotrophin production. For example, if you normally write with a pen and one day choose to write everything in pencil, you've broken your routine and are doing something new. So, in some small way, you've changed the patterns of activity in the parts of your brain activated by touching. But such a small change wouldn't recruit new sensory associations important enough to engage the circuitry required to really exercise your brain.

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Foods that help your memory


Your brain is like any other part of your body, the better that you treat it through good nutrition and exercise the better that it will work for you. The months prior to a memory tournament I want to prepare my body and brain to be in top shape, because they work in tandem.

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