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Don’t Miss Out On Vacation While Preparing For College Admissions


Getting into college has become more and more competitive. In order to get a leg up you need to be prepared. There are college admission tests, the SAT, ACT and scholarship applications to complete. Any student willing to go that extra mile to learn how to get a better grade on the tests, and understand what is expected in the applications, will have an advantage over the rest of the pack trying to get into college.

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Tips For Getting Good College Grades


Hello, I am Ron White, the National Memory Champion for 2009 and 2010. I have been helping students get better grades for over 20 years, and would like to share some basic tips to help you improve your grades, and your memory. You may think the ones who get the best grades in school are the smartest ones, but actually they may not be. The difference is the ones with the best grades have learned how to develop study skills that help them to retain what they learn and do well in college.

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Learning Language and Memory Skills Outside of the Classroom


Children learn languages much faster than adults, so learning another language – such as Spanish; can be easier when they are young. As a matter of fact, with our shrinking world due to technology and networking learning another language can be very useful tool in the job market as well as socially. Since many countries speak Spanish, it is a good choice to begin.

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MemoryLifter Software Revolutionizes Learning


MemoryLifter is a program that flashes images in front of you, and gives you multiple-choice answers, then scores your progress and time. It is an excellent aid in improving your memory as well as a learning aid for students and adults alike.

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Academic Summer Camps Help Improve SAT Scores


Summer vacation doesn’t have to be boring for youngsters, and summer camp doesn’t have to consist of simple crafts, volleyball and boating. Academic Summer Camps are springing up all over and it’s like taking a Caribbean vacation! Students from grades 7-12 won’t realize that the life experiences they are having are preparing them for improving grades and getting higher SAT and ACT scores.

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How to Memorize Math Formulas


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory speaker Ron White shares his memory system for recalling math formulas: Memorizing Math Formulas By Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion Instead of memorizing math formulas we are going to memorize some stories. It will be much more fun. Trust me :) [...]

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One of the biggest breakthroughs for me in the field of memory training in the last 3-5 years has been Character, Action, Object. This concept has been around longer than 3-5 years, however, this is when I first heard about it. If you want to improve your memory retention of cards or numbers I can’t recommend character, action, object highly enough.


The Day Before The USA Memory Championship


Ron White memory expert and USA Memory Champion shares his thoughts on the USA Memory Championship: As I type this I am sitting in my hotel room in New York City for the fourth year in a row. The first time was March 2008 and I had just returned from Afghanistan two months prior. The next year, in 2009 I ended up winning the USA Memory Championship and followed that with another victory in 2010.

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11 year old uses Ron White’s Memory Program to Name Classmates


11 year old uses Ron White of memory program to name much of an 95 person class in Las Colinas, Texas. He had 15 minutes to learn all these names. What a great proof that Ron White's Memory program work. Ron White is the National Memory Champion and Memory Keynote speaker training around the world.

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60 Minutes Segment on Memory


Scientists have long been interested in understanding what we remember about our past and why we remember it. But figuring out a way to study autobiographical memory presents a problem. Many other kinds of memory are tested in the laboratory using experiments planned out in painstaking detail. That doesn't work so well for autobiographical "episodic" memories, which are made over time and everywhere along the way.

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