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Learn A New Language


In school, teachers usually teach the “phonebook” method of learning a language. With this memory technique you were given a list of vocabulary words to memorize, along with their meaning. The object is to repeat the word so often it will “stick” in your memory, and then you can move on to another word. This [...]

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Ginkgo Biloba’s Affect On Memory Questioned


In a recent (2011) Dr. Oz show indicates that although the Ginkgo Biloba herb has shown to have some value in improving circulation and boosting mood, it has no real value in increasing memory. Other scientific studies have been inconclusive, so why then does this supplement keep rolling off the pharmacy and herb shop shelves [...]

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Too Much and Too Little Sleep Are Brain Busters


A new study now shows that lack of sleep ages the brain, and surprisingly they also found that TOO MUCH sleep does the same thing! Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep doesn’t just make you tired the next day, it has a bad effect on your memory and your ability to function, and can bring [...]

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Bring Chi to Your Brain


Are you looking for happiness and it simply slips away from you? Are you so stressed out that that can only think of all the problems you are having and don’t know how to fix them, or don’t know which one to work on first? How’s your memory? Too much stress will make it harder [...]

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Memory Training To Ace a Military Exam


As a veteran of the U.S. Military myself, and a veteran of Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom 2007), I am passionate about helping those in the military, or thinking about a career in the military, to improve their conditions. One way I can continue to help my fellow veterans and soldiers is to show you how [...]

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Your Brain on a Treadmill


The best brain exercises you can do for yourself is to get off that couch and work out. You probably haven’t thought of real exercise, where you get on a treadmill or work out at the gym as brain exercises, but you should start now. There are so many risk factors that can wreak havoc [...]

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Increase Your Ability to Remember Names


No matter where I go I get asked to do some kind of memory challenge. It’s all part of being a memory training expert and two-time U.S. Memory Champion. I don’t mind. It’s not only flattering, but it gives me a chance to practice and tune up my skills, and I really get a kick [...]

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Teaching Preschoolers To Think For Themselves


When our children are born we automatically have dreams of them becoming another Einstein, or someone who will make great advances to our world. What can we do to give them a leg up and help them on their way to greatness? We know that genetics plays a part in developing our brains, but there [...]

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Foods That Have A Negative Effect on Your Brain


There are several foods classified as brain foods that enhance your brain performance. They increase the blood flow to the brain and provide nutritional value. On the other side of the spectrum, there are foods that have a negative effect on your brain. Bad food provides little to no nutritional value, and decrease, if not [...]

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