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2011 USA Memory Championship Recap Nelson Dellis Wins – Page 2


This is part 2 of article at http://brainathlete.com/2011-usa-memory-championship-nelson-dellis-wins-recap/ Article continues.... My brain was calm, very well rested and I felt good. If I was not to be the winner today it wouldn't be because my brain wasn't ready. It was...

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Training for the USA Memory Championship


Ron White memory expert reveals why he would go swimming in 33 degree weather to train for the USA Memory Championship: After my win in the 2009 USA Memory Championship the story of me training by memorizing cards under water spread like wild fire. I would train under water because the theory was I would have to deal with the distractions of floating in the water, breathing through a snorkel tube and the cold water.

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11 year old uses Ron White’s Memory Program to Name Classmates


11 year old uses Ron White of http://brainathlete.com/ memory program to name much of an 95 person class in Las Colinas, Texas. He had 15 minutes to learn all these names. What a great proof that Ron White's Memory program work. Ron White is the National Memory Champion and Memory Keynote speaker training around the world.

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Ron White on Defining Memory


We all experience memory lapses from time to time. It’s not unusual and for the most part nothing to worry about. As we age, and the lapses come more often, we start to worry that other things may be going wrong – like the beginning of Alzheimer’s or dementia. According to Webster’s Dictionary, memory is "the mental capacity or faculty of retaining or recalling facts, events, impressions or previous experiences." Science defines memory in six different phases:

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Did Lobotomies Really Work?


A neurologist named Egas Moniz performed the first brain surgery to treat mental illness in Portugal in 1935. The procedure was called a “leucotomy,” later to be changed to “lobotomy.” It required holes being drilled into the patient’s skull to reach the brain and severe nerve connections.

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Speed Reading Methods From Wikipedia


Commercial speed reading programs Speed reading programs are available through courses, both in person or software based, and manuals. While the average adult reading rate is 250 words per minute with 70% comprehension[3], speed reading programs typically claim that improvements to 500 words per minute or more while maintaining or improving comprehension are possible.

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Speed Reading Methods From Wikipedia


Speed reading is a collection of reading methods which attempt to increase rates of reading without greatly reducing comprehension or retention. Methods include chunking and eliminating subvocalization. No absolute distinct "normal" and "speed-reading" types of reading exist in practice, since all readers use some of the techniques used in speed reading (such as identifying words without focusing on each letter, not sounding out all words, not sub-vocalizing some phrases, or spending less time on some phrases than others, and skimming small sections). Speed reading is characterized by an analysis of trade-offs between measures of speed and comprehension, recognizing that different types of reading call for different speed and comprehension rates, and that those rates may be improved with practice[1]. There are many speed reading training programs available including books, videos, software, and seminars.

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My First Memory Tournament


Ron White memory training expert gives his account on the 2008 USA Memory Championship: What was it like to compete in my first memory tournament? A once in a life time experience :) It was 2008 and my first memory tournament but the story started years before. I don't know exactly when but a few years prior I had seen an online story about something called the USA Memory Championship in New York. I read the amount of numbers that the participants were memorizing in 5 minutes and I was frankly FLOORED! I thought...no WAY!

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Memory Training In Stress


To perform under pressure or stress is one of the unique qualities of high achievers. Have you ever known someone with so much talent and skill but in crunch time they just couldn't deliver? Then others who seemed to thrive under pressure and stress? What is the secret? The secret is to keep your nerves in check and remain calm.

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The Spanish Help for Your Child You Won’t Find at School


Your child wouldn’t need Spanish help if they used the right approach to learning a language. The problem is schools don’t usually include comics and mnemonics in their teaching methods. Maybe it’s time they did. “What’s the most important skill for a beginning Spanish student?” If you ask Jim Sarris, Spanish teacher for 15 years, he’ll say, “The ability to memorize.”

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