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Improve Study Skills to Eliminate Test Anxiety

Parents often are frustrated with students who come home with poor test scores, thinking they did not study enough or pay attention in class. Often this is far from what is really going on. The child may be suffering from performance anxiety, even if they know the material forward and backward before entering the testing room.
Success In Gmat

Success In Gmat

Over a period of time, the Graduate Management Admission Test, also referred to as GMAT, has gained immense popularity all across the world. For millions of management aspirants, GMAT holds the key to success. It has become the most well known benchmark to assess aspirants before they enter the B school. As a result, the number of applicants appearing for GMAT has increased phenomenally over the past few years.

No More Memory Loss ? Champion Brain Food

Ron White the National Memory Champion is a big proponent of Omega 3. Enjoy this articles explanation... If you suffer from memory loss or attention deficit, there may be a simple and natural solution to provide your brain with the food it needs to reverse these affects and to put you on the road to remembering items that seem to have escaped your thoughts the past few years.

Reading Study Skills

Conscientious students spend many hours with a book or article in front of them and eventually either copy out chunks of information or forget what they have read by the time they have left the library. This section and those on Note Taking and Using the Library should, hopefully, make private study time more effective for all students.

Speed Reading Exercises: Two Powerful Speed Reading Exercises

Two Powerful Speed Reading Exercises Speed reading is all about breaking out of the old habits we have become accustomed to when we were children and just starting out to learn how to read. Over the years, we have become use to reading word by word and while this was good when we were first starting out to learn how to pronounce and comprehend each word in it's written form, it is by all means not the most efficient way to read. In this article, I am going to provide you with two speed reading exercises that have helped me learn how to speed read.

How to Cross Train Your Brain

Brain exercises is good for keeping your mental faculty sharp. You should start by sorting the exercises according to which brain hemisphere you're toning. For most people, left-brain functions include logical analysis (reasoning), drawing, conclusions), information sequencing (making lists, organizing thoughts), language and speech, reading and writing, counting and mathematics, and symbol recognition. The right hemisphere gets involved in spatial tasks such as reading maps, staying oriented and finding our way, as well as in artistic and musical abilities, face recognition, depth perception, dreaming, emotional perception and sense of humor. In left-handed people, these hemispheric functions are reversed.

Top Brain Foods

If you’re looking to improve your memory, reasoning and analytical skills then you’ve got to start with the basics, your diet. The typical American diet doesn’t exactly bolster high mental functioning; rather it serves to expand the ever growing waistlines of the masses. Just like your BMW motorcycle parts need gasoline to function, food is fuel for the human body and the type of fuel we put in our bodies has a direct influence on our overall performance, both mentally and physically. Avoiding certain “stupid” foods and stocking up on more cognizant choices will make a significant impact on your cerebral functioning.

What Did Albert Einstein Invent?

Albert Einstein without question remains a significant part of history. Throughout the course of his lifetime, he contributed to several breakthroughs and inventions. Although many are documented, surely there are a few missed at some point. In any case, here is a review of some of the inventions notable to Albert Einstein's life.

Speed Reading: Fact or Fiction?

Is this a dream or science fiction? Can someone actually read a book in 30 minutes? First, let's ask where the idea of speed reading originated. A woman named Evelyn Wood turned in an 80 page paper to her college professor expecting him to read and return it the next day. To her surprise he read the entire paper in seconds and graded it immediately