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Trust your memory! One of the best tips I received from World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore was to trust my memory. I would tell him that I could memorize a deck of cards in about 2 minutes and I wanted to get faster. His advice to me was to trust my memory more. He said, ‘Go faster and just trust that your memory will remember it.’ That was precious advice to me as I became the national memory champion.

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How do you help someone who has always had trouble with their memory? Your memory is not nearly as bad as you might think. A few years ago, I was a guest at a radio station. The disc jockey wrote a 50-digit number on a sheet of paper. As the listeners enjoyed a song, I memorized the 50-digit number. When the song was over, I proceeded to say the number forward and backward. The disc jockey looked at me in utter disbelief and said, "Ron, you are incredible!"

Afghanistan Veteran Ron White Wins Second Consecutive USA Memory Championship

White's training system included running through a deck of shuffled cards over 1,520 times and viewing a string of 210 random digits almost 900 times, along with a strict diet and exercise regimen -- including memorizing cards while jogging in place, snorkeling and doing jumping jacks. As a result, White brought his A-game to the championship, memorizing a deck of cards in just over two minutes and memorizing a 140-digit number in five minutes. It was enough to secure his victory.

Meet Ron White, the Texas-Born Memory Champ You’ll Never Forget

White, an all-American-looking 35-year-old with strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes and dimples, had traveled to Australia to deliver a speech on memory, and, as usual, he dedicated his free time to becoming the No. 1 memorizer in the United States. He put on his mask and snorkel, breathed in and out a few times and grabbed the deck of plastic playing cards from the side of the pool. He started his stopwatch and submerged himself. If he could memorize the order of this deck in close to two minutes underwater, he had it made. Trying to keep his breathing steady without letting it distract him, he flipped through the cards. Each one evoked an image in his mind: the king of hearts was his mother, the jack of hearts was Madonna singing, the five of spades was a friend named Sally whispering into a flip chart.
Can a young kid learn memory training?

Can a young kid learn memory training?

A young boy named Jacob wanted my Nintendo and I told him that I couldn’t just give it to him that he had to earn it. I suggested he earn it by memorizing all the presidents of the USA. He shrugged his shoulders and say, ‘nevermind.’ I say, ‘Jacob, I can teach you how to do this.’ We spent the next hour or so memorizing the presidents using pieces of furniture in his home. He was shocked he could do it and elated to have the Nintendo.

Do we use only 10% of our brains?

The average person if they chose to push their brain power could become fluent in many languages, routinely memorize 100 digit numbers, know the first names of 100 people within 30 minutes of being in a room and be a subject matter expert on any subject that they chose.

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