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Super Advanced Brain Athlete Package

Ron White’s Super Advanced Brain Athlete Package is his most comprehensive brain building package. It includes his trademark Memory in a Month program along with exciting new memory training videos, books, speed reading and more. Harness the brain power that few ever experience. This will not only give you the youthful brain that you desire it will give you the brain you never had!

Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Brain Athlete Package gives you the essentials plus more. You will explore memory training, the mind of Einstein and enjoy watching Ron instruct a memory workshop before an audience on DVD. Enjoy his book on memory training and instructional videos on remembering numbers, playing cards, chapters of books, speeches and more!

Basic Package

This is Ron’s core basic that gives you all the fundamentals that you need to build a powerful memory with 6 CDs… Ron’s core basic that gives you all the fundamentals that you need to build a powerful memory including a memory DVD and the most powerful memory book ever written!

6 Responses to “Home”

  1. anne says:

    Hello Ron,

    I hope you are well.
    We meet or at least you saw me (and remembered mu name :-)), during a seminar organised in Mauritius. At you suggested here I am on your site and eargerly looking forward to receive whatever you could send me to help boost up that memory of mine :-).

    I loved the video with the little girl by the way, she is cute.

    Thanking you in advance.



  2. Ken says:

    Hey Ron,
    My wife Roxanne Arnal attended our seminar in Winnipeg at the Optometrist convention and bought your cds ( which the family are enjoying) She had mentioned that on your website you have pictures for your top fifth name. Can you direct us to them.

  3. Nanette Dorsett says:

    I bought your 30 day memory series and it keeps mentioning the book and I was wondering if there is a way to print that or buy that to go with the tapes? I am serious about learning this to improve my life so I want all that will help!

    Thanks in advance! :-)

  4. Mika Smalls says:

    Supporting your websites style and design, unfortunately received a javascript error on load up. Anyhow, looking great. Bookmarking and definitely will check out very often.

  5. ganesh pawar says:

    Hello sir,
    my name is ganesh (21yrs) from india.
    I am crazy find out human abilities i.e.mental,physical,emotional from 6yrs ago.
    Memory is one of them.I want to ask you that,
    “I use all memory techniques which given by memory champions,experts, etc.
    I found from my research that The basic memory technique is V&A techniques.
    The main problem I faced that,
    I used techniques like v&a,loci,face-name,&more to memorise information.
    Sometimes I confused about pictures and combine all.
    Plz,give me a perfect solution.
    God bless to all.

  6. beautyforyou says:

    Really nice video. I have your 30 day memory series. My family enjoy it.

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