How to Memorize Numbers

In 2009, I set the record for the most numbers memorized in 5 minutes in the USA. I did this when I became the 2009 USA Memory Champion.

I memorized a 167 digit number. Since then that record has been broken but I believe that I can break it and get the record back one day. This video below explains the method that I use for memorizing numbers

Memorizing numbers can be impressive even if you are just memorizing a 50 digit number for friends or setting new records at the USA Memory Championship.
DOWNLOAD MY PICTURES FOR NUMBERS 1-1000 (this is not character/action/object but simply pictures for numbers)
Pictures numbers 1-1000
The practical application for memorizing numbers would be:
memorizing phone numbers
memorizing product information
memorizing addresses
memorizing birthdays
memorizing passwords

So having a system on how to memorize numbers can be very helpful. Enjoy! ūüôā

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