Do we use only 10% of our brains?

by Ron White

Do you use only 10% of your brain? NO!!!!!

This myth has been repeated so many times it is assumed to be a fact while it isn’t close to the truth. Perhaps this saying first came into being by meaning that we only live up to 10% of our potential and thus are only using brain to 10% of its efficiency. I will buy that, as a matter of fact I believe that.

The average person if they chose to push their brain power could become fluent in many languages, routinely memorize 100 digit numbers, know the first names of 100 people within 30 minutes of being in a room and be a subject matter expert on any subject that they chose.

Most people have this potential, however, often times it is easier NOT to learn a new language, not to become a subject matter expert, not remember names or numbers. Our brainsz, although are capable of this. So in that sense the average person is using only 10% of their brain.

The Discovery Channel Show, Myth Busters, recently looked into this 10% myth and determined that the average brain at REST is seeing activity in 15% of the brain…. AT REST! Each portion of the brain is responsible for different functions from movement to reasoning, from language to talking. Therefore, we are using our entire brain just perhaps not to its maximum capability.

Let’s face it is is easier to go to a baseball game than learn a new language – I know that all to well 🙂 You are most likely engaging more than 10% of your brain right now as you read this email.

My challenge to you is learn a new skill – memory, language or playing an instrument to push you brain and utilize more of your potential.

So there you have it…the myth is busted!

Ron White

National Memory Champion