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What is Brain Fog?


Brain fog may not be a diagnosis for brain or memory problems, and it’s not a recognized medical condition in scientific journals or magazines, but it certainly should be listed as a warning sign. The definition of brain fog, according to Wikipedia is: Clouding of consciousness, also known as mental fog is a conventional medical [...]

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Can Brain Scans Detect Memory?


The functional magnetic resonance imagery scanner (fMRI) is proving to be an exceptional and valuable tool for neuroscientists in trying to map out brain patterns and the paths the brain takes to process certain functions. Recently the MRI has been used to read a person's mind by detecting a person's location in a virtual environment. [...]

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Bacteria May Be Cause of Some OCD


Fictional television detective Adrian Monk (on the show Monk) had one of the most severe cases of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) you will probably ever see. On the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon also has OCD tendencies, like knocking three times in succession. Although most with OCD are not as extreme as these two, the condition can [...]

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Blasts From An Explosion Can Cause Brain Trauma


You don’t have to sustain a head injury from a hit to the head, it can also come from sudden head movement caused by whiplash, or even a high-pressure shock wave from an explosion. Soldiers in the field, either in battle or in training, are subject to high-pressure shock from explosions. Construction workers can sustain [...]

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Sleeping and Dreaming Are Necessary For Memory Consolidation


I often wake up in the morning and want to continue the dream I was having when I was becoming more conscious. Why is it the best dreams seem to happen just before you wake up? Unfortunately, as many times as I rewind it in my mind, and add more, it never seems to come [...]

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Aging Changes Brain Structures


What happens to our brain structure as we age? We know our bodies start to lose their muscle tone and as many say, “gravity takes over.” Is that basically what happens to our brain? Does our brain lose the elasticity it needs in order to make the connections, and is that the reason why our [...]

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Memory is Not Immediate


If you think you remember things right away – think again. Literally! Memory does not happen right away. You don’t just experience something and it will automatically go to your long-term memory so you can recall it when you want. There is a process involved, and not everything ends up in memory. As a matter [...]

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Premature Birth and Brain Development


The human brain grows at an incredible rate during development. It may surprise you to know it adds 250,000 neurons every minute. When born, an infant has nearly all the neurons you will have, even though the brain continues to grow for a few additional years after birth, and by the child reaches two years [...]

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Metal Ions Linked To Memory Loss


Neuroscientists have found twice the amount of aluminum deposits in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients for over 40 years, but have never been able to find the missing link between the exposure to this particular metal and neurodegenerative diseases. In a cooperative study led by Emery University and involving several other research centers, found that [...]

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PH Changes in the Brain Can Lead to Memory and Learning Abnormalities


New insights into learning, memory and brain disease can now be seen in the second by second changes in the brain’s pH activity. A healthy body must be alkaline at the proper pH. Even normal brain signals can bring about pH changes, but scientists have been unable to understand why. They do know that if [...]

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