If you, any family members or friends are diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease which is a brain disease that slowly but surely devastates mental,emotional and finally even the physical functionality. Alzheimers is the leading cause of denemtia in people over the age of 65 and affects over 300,000 people. Most of the conventional neurologists will in all likelyhood offer you just two treatments.

The prescription drug donepezil (Aricept) is one it increases the levels of acetylcholineinthe body it is a brain chemical responsible for memoery. Vitamin E is the other it is and antioxidant that slows the destrction of our brain cells. Now even though neurologist used to believe that treating Alzheimers’s Disease with vitamin E was of no use recent studies show that the nutrients in vatamin E are effective in the slowing of the progression of the disease.

These two treatments although very helpful, there is much more you can do for Alzheimers. There are natural treatments that can also potentially slow down the progression of this disease and possibly even prevent it’s later stages. Your brain is an organ just like your heart, just as there are treatments plus ways to slow the progression of heart disease, like dietary changes, nutrional supplements, stress reduction and excercise as an example. , so there are ways to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

If diagnosed with Alzheimers you must accept the fact that it is serious health issue and take proper care of yourself and body. Don’t just take a few pills each day prescription drugs or not. Focus on that your brain has a disease and it is progressive so commit time to tackle the problem and if nothing else lets slow the disease.

All the natural home remedies here should be part of your regime to fight this but because of the seriousness of Alzheimers do so only with the approval and supervision of your physician with a full range of tests and treatments needed to diagnose Alzheimers.

HUPERZINE A: Slow Memory Loss without Side Effects.

This is the active ingredient in Chinese herb club mass which has a similar effect on the brain to the drug donepezil, but without the cost or the nasty side effects which include gastrintestinal upsets and liver damage. The purified ingredients of club moss blocks the breakdown of acetylcholine the neurotransmitter important for memory.


Phosphatidylserine helps regenerate the outside layer of neurons, reversing the chronological age of these cells by as much as 12 years and improving the mental capacity in Alzheimers patients 300 milligrams per day divided into 3 doses with meals is recomended.

VITAMIN E: Regenerate Brain Cells.

Vitamin E helps shield neurons from free radicals the unstable molecules that can damage your cells. It can also help regenerate the areas on neurons where neurotransmitters the chemicals that relay the messages from one neuron to another to enter. Alzheimers patients it is recommended 2000 internetional units a day of the d-alpha tocopherol form of the nutrient it is the most effective.

Also important is keeping active, regular physical excercise can help an Alzheimers patient form new brain cells. Even a daily walk if possible is helpful if necissary have a friend relative or caregiver go with you even if it just around the back yard!

Start today and slow or halt the progress of Alzheimers Disease with all natural home cures and alternative remedies to slow this progressive disease.