There are no hidden tricks to boosting your memory. Every memory tip here is well known and proven to work. Just a few changes in your basic routine is all it will take to make a big difference – and a boost in your memory can also be a great pick-me-up for many areas of your life, including your job, your relationships, and your self-esteem.

Everyone, no matter what age, needs to have a good memory. As we age, especially, our memories need a little boosting – and adding some extra brain cells sure could come in handy. Take advantage of any of these memory boosting tips and you will definitely see an increase in recalling information.

1. Eat Right. You probably are tired of hearing this, but the right food can totally change your body and your brain. Adding foods – like red berries; dark green leafy vegetables; omega-3 fatty acids; and other brain foods; cutting out processed sugars and white flour; and cutting down on carbohydrates will go a long way improving your physical and mental health.

2. Get Moving. Exercise gets your blood flowing and you get more oxygen to your brain. If you don’t exercise regularly start out with some simple low impact moves, take a walk or go swimming. Consult your doctor as to what he would suggest you start out with.

3. Sleeps 6-8 hours a night. Getting the proper amount of sleep will amaze you with how much better your memory will be. During the REM sleep stage your brain absorbs information that it wants to store. By getting a good night’s rest your brain has a chance to catch up and do its job of sorting and storing memory. Getting too much sleep is not good either, so get into a routine that maintains a balance of 6-8 hours at one shot.

4. Breathe!!!  There is a reason why gurus include breathing exercises in their meditation. It floods your blood with needed oxygen and expands your blood vessels. Learn to take deep breaths from time to time, inhaling long breathes, holding and exhaling slowly will help with your memory.

5. Form an emotional attachment. If you want to remember something, feel it. Who can forget our first love, our first kiss, or the time we broke our leg? Forming an emotional attachment will help to improve your memory.

6. Reduce stress. There is no way you are going to permanently remove all the stress in your life, but doing things to reduce pressure will stop the constriction of your blood vessels, improve your heart, and reduce tension on your brain.

7. Being passionate is good for your brain health. Research has shown that the more you interact with other people the better your memory will be. Strike a conversation that gets your mind going. Your brain is forced to focus on a specific subject and retain that information. It also is important in order to help you recall information from previous conversations – making your brainwork for you.

8. Ask questions. They say curiosity killed the cat, but it did wonders for its memory. Asking questions about things raises more questions and you will be interested in the answers. Again, when you get emotionally involved (interested in the answers) you retain more.

9. Add Humor. Studies have shown that people remember things that are funny more than simple lists or facts. Use mnemonics and other visual aids, and add some spice to them with images that will make you laugh.

10. Play Games. Working a puzzle or doing word games adds brain cells. They take your brain out of its comfort zone and pushes it to strengthen its muscles. A stronger brain means a more efficient brain – which leads to better memory.

I have found that every one of these memory tips will do wonders toward improving your memory, and I recommend you begin right now to increase your memory power. If you would like more help, I have a variety of CD’s that I am certain will be of help at



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