Brain Athlete Shot

The Brain Athlete Shot is a brain upgrade energy shot scientifically boosted with quality nootropics and designed with no artificial sweeteners. Contains true mental boosters Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Great Times to Enjoy The Brain Athlete Shot

When you wake up

Enjoy the Brain Athlete Shot first thing in the morning to give that extra kick to get the day started off right and full of energy. Enjoy the brain boosting benefits all day long.

Before a workout

Going for a run, lifting or martial arts? A pre-workout Brain Athlete Shot is the perfect way for an energy upgrade for your workout. Maximize your results when you have more energy and power.


Let’s face it being focused when you are studying is not a luxury it is a necessity. You need a clear, sharp and focused brain to help you not only learn but retain the knowledge. Our specially developed Brain Athlete Shot by a USA Memory Champion and brain scientists to get your brain ready for your next test or just as you study and learn new material.

Business Meetings

Have a big meeting with that special client? You don’t want them to see you dragging or yawning?

Don’t get jittery with other energy shots or too much caffeine. Instead, focus your brain and get an energy boost with the Brain Athlete Shot.

If you are more focused and energized you will come across as more prepared and potentially earn more clients and deals.

A night out on the town

No one wants to be falling asleep when the night is just getting started. Don’t miss a moment and enjoy your night out when you have a Brain Athlete Shot

When you want a happy day

Do you just want to have a happy day?

Maybe a little extra energy kick along with the scientifically added super foods and the power brain nutrients will give you exactly what you need for the happiest of days.

Our mood will impact every single area of our life. Don’t risk a down mood on any day.

Implement the Brain Athlete Shot as part of our overall routine of fitness, relaxation, nootropics and energy boosting.