Jeff Crilley was the guest this week on the Sales Mavericks section of BrainAthlete Radio on BlogTalkRadio.  It was a great show filled with actionable steps to get the attention of the Press. (all forms, paper, Radio or TV)  Listen to the keys to sounding like a subject matter expert (like Ron White on Memory) and not someone just needing the Ad desk.

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After 25-years beating the streets covering the news, Emmy winning TV reporter Jeff Crilley has assembled a team of veteran journalists with the credibility and media savvy to get real results. Based in Dallas, Texas, Real News Public Relations has set out to change the way PR is currently done by holding the public relations business to a higher standard — a standard based on results.

Most other PR firms are staffed with people who have never worked in news. If you were hiring a defense attorney, you would look for someone who once worked for the prosecution. If you want to prove your case to the media during good times as well as in a crisis, hire the folks who used to do the news.