Are you looking for happiness and it simply slips away from you? Are you so stressed out that that can only think of all the problems you are having and don’t know how to fix them, or don’t know which one to work on first?

How’s your memory? Too much stress will make it harder for you to learn or memorize.

You definitely need to take a step back and find a way to relax your mind and build up your mental energy. What you need is to get your mind the “chi” (pronounded “chee”) it needs to build your mental energy, regain focus and open up the door to better memory.

 In Chinese the word “chi” means “energy.” Although not entirely having the same meaning as it would in physical science, the idea is basically the same, although chi is more spiritual than physical energy. In India they term “chakra” is used for the same energy. According to metaphysical beliefs, chi permeates all things, including your body. Your chi or spirit is supposed to be in harmony with the universe, and when there is trouble – like stress or illness, your chi is out of balance and needs to be restored.

Chi puts the power back in your hands to heal yourself. When you concentrate on one area of your body you can actually feel something happening as energy is being concentrated into that area. You notice that area of your body starting to heat up and you are more aware of activity, and feel the energy going on and the healing taking place. 

Mind Chi is a combination of positive psychology, mental wellness and the study of happiness. Everything you do, feel, experience and think is fuelled by your mental energy. Is that energy at optimum level, or are you at a low point and in need of an energy boost?

Negative thoughts breed negative energy, and that downward spiral moves faster than gossip on the Internet. Mind Chi will allow you to bring your spirit back to the positive and turn those negative thoughts away.

The first step in any sort of meditation or relaxation exercise is to concentrate and focus on your breathing. Breathing is the heart of any healing practices, including Lamaze for birthing. The ability to concentrate on your breathing brings your mind in focus on one thing, and eliminates other distractions. It also increases the oxygen levels to your blood and your brain, relaxes your muscles and relieves tension. The act of breathing is not the same as the ART of breathing!

Step one of Mind Chi begins with breathing. When stressed out your breathing is short and shallow. By concentrating on your breathing, and taking slow, deep and full breathes, you will calm your nerves and reverse the negative impact of constant stress. Practice this throughout the day, especially when you are feeling nervous or angry.

Exercise: Set a timer for one minute and concentrate on slow, deep breathes. Place one hand open over your belly and the other high on your chest. Make sure the hand on the belly moves in and out with each breathe while your chest hand remains still. Count slowly for three seconds as you breath in, then hold it for three seconds, then breathe out for three seconds. Wait for three seconds and do it again, repeating for the full minute.

By practicing this at least one time a day (you can do it as often as you feel the need) you will find yourself less stressful, reduce the negative energy you have been building up, and will find a noticeable change in your attitude – you will see a positive shift in just a few days.

This is Ron White, two-time USA Memory Champion , memory training expert, and memory keynote speaker, bringing you information how to relieve stress in order to allow your brain to retain learning and memorize more easily.




Mind Chi – Re-Wire Your Brain in Just 8 minutes a day, Strategies for Success in Business and in Life, by Richard Israel and Vanda North