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How to Make a Gravity Puzzle (Brain Game)


How to Make a Gravity Puzzle (Brain Game)The challenge is simple .. just balance 14 nails on one nail head ... at the same time! In this project you'll learn how to make a fun little mind puzzle, for giving as a gift, or for entertaining...  

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Crossword Puzzles Reveal A Lot About Your Subconscious


The human mind is, in and of itself, a puzzle. The connection between brain functions and crossword puzzles are just as intriguing. The process involves retrieving vocabulary words and their meaning from your memory banks, forming an image of the question presented, and the ability to solve problems based on little information that may or [...]

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Optimizing Your Brain Fitness


Over 500 trillion synaptic connections exist inside your brain. It is the most powerful muscle in your body. These connections are what allow you to do math, drive your car, cry at sentimental movies and control your every move and behavior. It constantly changes, through a process known as plasticity, and it is through these [...]

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