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Memorization is linked to learning styles


There are many theories as to how to make memorizing easier. You can employ a memory expert, such as myself, to help you with the basics; you can buy cd’s with memory lessons; and you can take classes in speed reading and other memory techniques. They are all excellent ideas that can benefit you immensely, [...]

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Pictures for Letters


Often times you will need to memorize something that has letters in it. Remember that in order to memorize anything you are going to need a picture for it. So this is how I would turn letters into pictures. Please reference my memory palace page for all the steps in memorizing information A = apple [...]

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Story Telling as a Memory Technique


Working memory is something you use when you only need information for a short period of time (short-term memory). An example would be when you are trying to call a service repair shop, you look up the number and repeat it to yourself until you dial the phone successfully. Since you probably won’t need it [...]

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Helping Your Child To Improve Grades


The kids are back in school after summer vacation and you would like them to make a conscious effort to improve their grades. What can a parent do to motivate a child to stop fooling around and buckle down?  One of the most frustrating sentences a parent can hear from a teacher is: “Your child [...]

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Improve Your Memory With These 10 Easy Tips


It takes much less time and energy than you may think to improve your memory. The main key is to use your imagination, focus on what you are trying to accomplish and follow through. Your mind is capable of all sorts of diverse activities. It is constantly on, there is no ‘turn-off’ switch. In just [...]

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Chunking As A Form Of Memory Training


Your first thought, when you hear the word “chunking” is of somebody building up his or her body by eating. Instead of building up our body, in this context we are going to use the term as a form of building up our mind and memory system. The term ‘chunking’ originally came out of a [...]

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What Teachers Wish Students Would Know About Improving Grades


In going through the Internet for ideas on different articles I came upon a series of videos done by Graham Best, a teacher of over 30 years in the Vancouver, Canada school system and now a published author of the book, “Memory Made Easy.” Best gives his ideas on how to help students to improve [...]

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The Mind Makes The Man


"It is the mind that makes the man . . ." This is a quote from the Roman poet Ovid, made not long after the birth of Christ.  It makes sense, doesn't it?  Our minds define and control who we truly are - our personalities; our intellectual capacities; our ability to love and feel a [...]

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