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Learning Language and Memory Skills Outside of the Classroom


Children learn languages much faster than adults, so learning another language – such as Spanish; can be easier when they are young. As a matter of fact, with our shrinking world due to technology and networking learning another language can be very useful tool in the job market as well as socially. Since many countries speak Spanish, it is a good choice to begin.

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MemoryLifter Software Revolutionizes Learning


MemoryLifter is a program that flashes images in front of you, and gives you multiple-choice answers, then scores your progress and time. It is an excellent aid in improving your memory as well as a learning aid for students and adults alike.

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How to Memorize Math Formulas


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory speaker Ron White shares his memory system for recalling math formulas: Memorizing Math Formulas By Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion Instead of memorizing math formulas we are going to memorize some stories. It will be much more fun. Trust me :) [...]

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Memorizing a Foreign Language


Two Time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Speaker and Memory Expert Ron White shares his method on how to memorize words in a foreign language: A lot of people want to learn foreign languages but don’t know where to start.  They will get on the treadmill and put on the foreign language tapes.  Now [...]

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One of the biggest breakthroughs for me in the field of memory training in the last 3-5 years has been Character, Action, Object. This concept has been around longer than 3-5 years, however, this is when I first heard about it. If you want to improve your memory retention of cards or numbers I can’t recommend character, action, object highly enough.


How to Count in Japanese


When I was 12 years old I signed up to take Okinawan Karate. I really enjoyed weekly learning the same style of karate that Daniel from the movie The Karate Kid took. I learned self defense, the importance of exercise, gained confidence and even learned a little bit of Japanese! Now, to tell you the truth all I learned was counting and on a recent trip to Narita Japan I did discover it is very tough to carry on a conversation with just numbers! With that said, it is fun to learn bits and pieces of other languages and here is a real simple way to learn how to count in Japanese.

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Memory Palace


Memory Training Speaker also know as the Memory Guy or Memory Expert Ron White shares with you what it means to build a memory palace: A memory palace is simply the method of loci but a phrase that sounds a lot cooler :) This is the core to memorizing anything. All the world class memory [...]

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The History of Memory Training


I am always asked when I realized I had my special memory ability and when I tell people that I don't have a special memory ability but instead it is a memory system they are somewhat taken off guard. Then the next question asked, 'Oh, well when did you develop this memory training system?' I must confess I would love to of developed this system but I am by no means the father of memory training.

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What Is The USA Memory Championship


Memory Training Expert and Two Time USA Memory Champion Ron White has been teaching others how to memorize for 20 years. Here he shares his thoughts on the USA Memory Championship: Tony Dottino founded the USA Memory Championship in 1998 after working with World Memory Championship founder Tony Buzan on writing memory training books. With [...]

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How to Memorize a Poem


Two time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Expert Ron White shares his thoughts how to memorize a poem: At the USA Memory Championship there is an event where you see who can memorize the most words from a poem in 15 minutes. Currently a high school student holds this record, Michael Glantz. He memorized [...]

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