International Space Station HD Earth Viewing


NASA HD Camera on International Space Station Live Streaming HD This is one cool camera! Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream The stream is live and switches between different cameras It's a great way to relax and realize how small we are in the grand scope of things. Analysis of this experiment will be conducted [...]

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5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Spacewalks


5 Mind-Blowing Facts About SpacewalksLearn 5 incredible facts about spacewalks. On May 11, 2013, two ISS astronauts successfully completed a spacewalk to fix a coolant leak. Spacewalks, technically called extra-vehicular activity...  

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12 Cool Experiments Done on the International Space Station


As an orbiting laboratory, the International Space Station (ISS) offers researchers around the world the unique opportunity to perform experiments in microgravity and under the rigors of the space environment. Scientists have used the station for everything from testing technology for future space exploration to studying human health. Sometimes their work involves some pretty unusual [...]

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World’s Second Largest Impact Crater Was Made by a Comet


Researchers have long puzzled over what created the giant, elliptical hole called the Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada. At 62 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide, and 15 kilometers deep, it’s the second largest impact crater on the planet. Now, researchers studying the chemistry of the crater and its shattered rocks say it was made by [...]

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