Lesson 1: Ingredients, technique and flavor

Lesson 2: Essential tools

Lesson 3: Saute – Dry-Heat cooking with fat

Lesson 4: Roasting – Dry-Heat cooking without fat

Lesson 5: Frying – Dry Hear Cooking with far

Lesson 6: From Poach to Steam- Moist Heat Cooking

Lesson 7: Braising and Stewing- Combination Cooking

Lesson 8: Girlling and Broiling – Dry Hear Cooking without fat

Lesson 9: Stocks and Broths – The Foundation

Lesson 10: The Stir Fry Dance- Dry Heat Cooking

Lesson 11: Herbs and Spices, Flavor on Demand

Lesson 12: Sauces, Beurre Blanc to Bechamel

Lesson 13: Grains and Legumes, Cooking for Great Flavor

Lesson 14: L Salads from the Cold Kitchen

Lesson 15: L Eggs from Classic to the Contemporary

Lesson 16: Soups from Around the World

Lesson 17: Meat-From spatchcocked Chicken to Brined Pork Chops

Lesson 18: Seafood, From Market to Plate

Lesson 19: Vegtables in Glorious Variety

Lesson 20: Creating a Meal, Engaging the Senses

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