It is so cliche!

Work crossword puzzles to improve your memory!

This drives me nuts 🙂 Who am I? My name is Ron White and I am a memory expert and two time USA Memory Champion.

Is it going to hurt? No it won’t. Does it exercise your brain? Yes it does! Is it better than nothing? Sure it is! However, if you have a student who wants to memorize all the presidents of the US and you tell that student. Okay, go work crossword puzzles, eat these blueberries and get a good night’s rest and tomorrow you will be able to memorize the presidents you are going to have a VERY frustrated student!

These are all good things and frankly, things I will do to improve my memory. However, if you think that these things alone are going to show you a noticeable improvement in your memory I must say I believe that you are mistaken. Instead, you must implement a memory method or memory system. The most popular method of the memory experts and the one I use is a 2500 year old method referred to as loci. It is a system of creating mental filing cabinets in your brain and seeing pictures to memorize.

Do I do crossword puzzles? No I don’t.
Do I believe it is good for someone who has an otherwise inactive mind to work crossword puzzles? Sure I do.

However, to truly see memory improvement you are going to need to implement a memory system and I recommend loci.