I, Ron White, am always on the lookout for different ways to improve your memory and get a better score on SAT and other standardized tests. Ivy Bound Test Prep (http://www.ivybound.net) has come up with an innovative way to work on your college admissions while on vacation with their academic camps.

Getting into college has become more and more competitive. In order to get a leg up you need to be prepared. There are college admission tests, the SAT, ACT and scholarship applications to complete. Any student willing to go that extra mile to learn how to get a better grade on the tests, and understand what is expected in the applications, will have an advantage over the rest of the pack trying to get into college.

The SAT is, for most students, the single most important test in their high school careers. In recent years the SAT has become a greater determinant of admissions and scholarship decisions than ever before. It is a test that is “coachable” on how to get a better grade – through studying the proper categories, understanding how the questions are formatted, following instructions and learning how the test is scored.

“Ivy Bound’s academic camps allow students to enjoy their vacation while simultaneously helping to build a strong college application,” said Mark Greenstein, founder and lead instructor of Ivy Bound Test Prep. “We see tremendous improvement in SAT scores and academics during our intense vacation camps.”

During school vacation periods Ivy Bound Test Prep offers a variety of academic camps for students in seventh through eleventh grades that feature classes on topics including SAT prep, ACT prep, study skills, public speaking, math, speed reading and economics.

“With just 60-90 minutes a day during vacation college-bound students can see a significant improvement,” said Eugene Hazanove, a senior instructor at Ivy Bound Test Prep.

Teachers are available for tutoring, or instructions to a group. These coaches regularly take and maintain scores in the upper 2% on SAT, ACT and SAT II tests. They have been successful in getting average improvement scores in Math and Reading of 170.6 points for students in 2010, based on a prior SAT or PSAT score. This significantly increased the offers for admission and scholarships for these students.

Because most students don’t attend classes in the summer, it is the best time to take courses to prepare for the SAT, usually given in the fall. Because the SAT is mostly a test of skill, and not memorization, it still leaves room for recreation so the student doesn’t feel they are missing their vacation.

Best results come when students review their course study WITHIN 24 HOURS of learning it. Repetition while the material is still fresh is better for memory retention. Each class has a minimum of 50 hours of home study before test day, and students will be able to pace themselves with a schedule of two solid hours a day, three times a week, over a nine-week period.

Ivy Bound is based in Connecticut, and has tutors available in 23 states and internationally. If you live far from any scheduled location you can organize a group and have an instructor come to almost any meeting place during the summer or fall. Scholarships are possible for those who qualify, and group rates are also available to save money individually.  They even have qualified people available to brainstorm your college admissions essay and help with review and editing.

Being prepared never starts too early, and the benefits are well worth the time and expense.


Ivy Bound Test Prep (http://www.ivybound.net)