Hey Drew!

Below is a video that is about 8 minutes. Basically I cover:

1. I believe I come across as the average man and that is what makes me effective selling memory training

2. Mega Memory was very successful 20 years ago and I believe the market is ripe again

3. I know how to sell this better than most

4. I am constantly in the media

5. I have a brand that can have many product extensions (such as chicken soup for soul, rosetta stone, etc)

6. I was trained my a US Navy SEAL to win my memory tournaments. SEALs use memory training. We have a natural/honest Navy SEAL tie in / endorsement (like the perfect push up)


If you want to see me on the History Channel show Superhumans it is here:


Other media apperances including Martha Stewart Show, Fox News and Nat Geo







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