Everyday we eat foods that affect our ability to concentrate.
Here is what not to eat, in hopes that we will not become brain fried.



Foods high in gluten


OK, now if your like me, you love anything with bread or carbs in it for that matter. Gluten, found mainly in grain products, as well as preserves and sauces. Nobody likes diarrhea, bloating, or painful gas. The risk for gastrointestinal cancer, thyroid disease, and diabetes will make you think twice. Gluten is harmful to brain cells and can lead to some major brain fog, headaches, and reduced concentration.






Unfermented Soy products

You always hear what great health benefits Soy provides. Be cautious because soy burgers, soy milk, and tofu are made from unfermented which produces a reduced ability to stay focused and hinders brain memory.







High sugar goodies
Aren’t Coca Cola’s so tasty? Do you feel that burst of energy moments after drinking? Well, pay close attention to your body and observe how quickly you start to crash and feel lethargic. Fluctuations of blood sugar levels can cause serious nasty affects. Keep the sugar to a minimum.







Concentration ability in general
Bad food isn’t the only thing that hurts you. Be mindful of any negative emotions and lack of sleep.
sleepy head











Stand up straight, eat those veggies, and drink that water!