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Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 9, 2004 –

Train your brain with the free MemoryLifter 1.7 flashcards software by LearnLift. Memorizing and learning can be fun again. MemoryLifter improves the memorization process and optimizes the time to learn facts and vocabulary using a proven methodology with innovative features. The newest version 1.7 of this free flashcards software is available for download at


How does it work? Do you know flashcards? These are the little paper cards that have the question on one side and the answer on the other. With MemoryLifter software you simply put in the information you would like to learn on these flashcards, except that the flashcards are shown on your PC screen. The computer takes over the management of the cards and keeps track of your learning progress. Using the PC, you can design your own cards with text, sound, pictures, and videos. In addition to making your own flashcard dictionaries, there are a few basic pre-made dictionaries like the Spanish flashcards available for free on the same website.


MemoryLifter uses a scientific learning technique to improve the memorization process for better retention in short-term and long-term memory. It repeats the information shortly before it slips out of your mind and focuses on the information you still need to learn and not what you already know. In this way, you remember the facts much faster.


MemoryLifter also optimizes the learning time with a customizable automated learning planner that acts like a learning alarm clock to regularly quiz the users and help remember the information faster and longer. If you are busy and want to pause while learning, you can hit the snooze button and MemoryLifter will go away for a specific amount of time and then popup to start again. The snooze button can also be customized to automatically trigger from other events like answering x number of questions right or after x number of cards during a learning session.


Other features include:





-   Statistics to provide feedback on learning progress
– Customizable learning mode to match the type of material – standard text , multiple choice, listening comprehension using sound, self-assessment and random presentation.
– Ability to package existing flashcard files (dictionaries) for sending to friends, co-workers, students, etc
– MemoryLifter is designed for everyone, including students, parents, teachers, and professionals. You can create your own subjects to learn or use our ready-to-use flashcard dictionaries covering various subjects like language, computer, history, Math, and technology. Upgraded dictionaries are also available at a reasonable cost.


For additional information on the MemoryLifter software and its possible uses, please visit our website.


Whether you need to learn and retain specific facts quickly or generally improve your memorization, make your brain the strongest part of your body with the free MemoryLifter 1.7 flashcards software by LearnLift. Download the free MemoryLifter software today, at


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LearnLift is based in Houston, Texas. MemoryLifter is our first educational software product and is offered free of charge for non-commercial use. MemoryLifter is dedicated to all children of the world who want to learn. We support the development of MemoryLifter with the sale of value-added companion products, like our English to Spanish 101 flashcards dictionary software and a hardcopy vocabulary flashcards kit.










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