Chicken Soup Memory!!

The author of Chicken Soup for the Soul that has sold over 80 million copies in North America….YES 80 million copies in North America, Mark Victor Hansen is one of the most successful selling authors of all time!! He is speaking at the More Heart Than Talent conference that will be held in Irving, TX January 6, 7 and 8th

I am VERY excited to be speaking with my good friend Jeffrey Combs and his impressive line up of speakers that include Mark Victor Hansen.

This is a GREAT conference to kick start 2011. I HIGHY encourage you to attend to :

– Set Goals
– Be inspired
– Learn proven sales strategies
– Sit at the feet of giants in the world of business and learn their secrets
– Attend with your organization for team building and learning together
– Memory strategies of a two time national memory champion to catapult your brain and business
– Peak performance
– Communication strategies
– How to brand through internet video
– The secrets to building a successful home based business

The speakers include:

– Mark Victor Hansen
– Jeffrey Combs
– Erica Combs
– Ron White
– Susan Sly
– Chrisy Dreiling
– Jerry Clark
– Todd Falcone
– and others!

What would you pay to learn the business building secrets of the man who has sold 80 million books?

What would you pay to learn how to use your brain from a national memory champ (me) 🙂 ?

What would you pay to learn powerful internet and network marketing secrets?

How would you like to have TONS of fun over 3 days learning?

How would you like to make business connections with powerful leaders that can catapult your business to the next level?

How would you like to spend 3 days building friendships that last a lifetime?

How would you like to conquer your inner battles?

How would you like to set goals for 2011 that REALLY happen!?

How would you like to walk out of a conference thinking….’Wow…I am soooo excited about my future!’?

You can have all this and to answer the question of the cost….$99…I can’t even believe I am saying that….$99

Secure your ticket now for $99 before I change Jeffrey Combs changes his mind and raises the price to $999

Event Location:

Sheraton Grand DFW
4440 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, Texas 75063

9am to 7pm all 3 days

Enroll here