Throw Your Name in the HatWhat if you could walk into a Chamber of Commerce meeting, meet 100 people and the next week remember all their names? What if you could recall the names of all your customers and call them by name when you see them out on the town?


In Lake Tahoe in March of this year I met 235 people in 90 minutes and then I went back and repeated their names. I got 232 out of 235! Now this is the exciting part. I can teach ANYONE to do it!

1. As you are walking towards someone ask yourself,’ What is their name?’ You haven’t met them so you don’t know. But this will FOCUS your mind.

2. Select something that stands out on their face (Big ears, unique nose, cheeks, facial hair, etc) This becomes your ‘file’

3. Create a mental glossary for names. For example Ron = man running, Lisa = Mona Lisa, Karen = carrot, Jim = Jungle Gym, etc This could take months to do but WELL worth it! Click here (insert page for our name memory program email capture page) and I will provide you with a list I have created of several hundred names

4. See the image for their name on their outstanding facial feature

5. Make the picture bizarre, crazy with tons of action