I have been teaching memory training seminars for a long time! In the first few years of teaching people would always ask me, ‘Do you teach speed reading as well?’ I would tell them that I was a memory speaker and not a speed reading expert they are distinctly two skills.

Then a few years went by and my mind began to realize…’My customers are wanting speed reading! I need to learn this and see if you really can speed read or if it is a scam.’ I knew that if I could learn to speed read and teach it to others then I would not only want to but I had a market to do it!

I began taking the most popular speed reading courses out there which in my opinion are Evelyn Woods and Howard Berg’s program. Evelyn Woods was more famous in the 1950s and 1960s and Howard Berg is a modern speed reader. Not only that he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Fastest Reader. This guy is FASCINATING! What is even better for me is that he lives about 45 minutes from me and we have become good friends and I have enjoyed watching him on everything from Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business Show to Regis and Kathy Leee where he told them what slows him down the most about reading is TURNING THE PAGES!! HAAHAHA!

I blended my favorite parts of these speed reading programs and I developed my own which you can find here http://brainathlete.com/speed-reading/

For a quick primer on speed reading and to learn a few basics check this out