2 Time USA Memory Champ, Ron White!!!!

Ron held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA for TWO YEARS!

He beat a computer on the History Channel Show, memorized every page of Martha Stewart’s magazine on her show and on the National Geographic Channel show, ‘Brain Games’ challenged people on the street to memorize the serial numbers on their dollar bills!

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— Memory in Month.This program is 6 CDs and you work through it for 10 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days. You will learn all the basic skills needed to catapult your memory to the next level – names, numbers, memorize chapters of books, foreign languages, give speeches without notes, math formulas, study for tests and much more!

— 144 Page Memory Book – How to Memorise – Names, Numbers, Speeches, Playing Cards and Everything Else

A complete E Book guide to memory training. 200 pages that takes you from the very basics of memory training to the most advanced techniques. Names, numbers, chapters of books, playing cards, lists of words, concepts, foreign languages, math formulas and more

— Instant Memory DVD – Watch as Ron teach his memory system to a room full of eager learners. He will memorize over 150 names right before your eyes and then give you tips, skills and strategies to do this.Watch Ron explain the basics of memory in a fun, interactive and powerful live workshop!

— MEMORY ONLY VIDEOS  – 5 videos on name retention, memorizing a deck of cards, poems, scripture, numbers, math formulas and more ($100 value!!)

Memory in Month – For 30 Days you will be introduced to a new memory strategy!

Day1 – History of memory Training

Day2 – Basic Association and uses

Day3 – Chain Association uses

Day4 – Intro to Roman ‘Loci’

Day5 – Create mental file

Day6 -Learn foreign languages

Day7 – Memorize books

Day8 – Abstracts, math formulas

Day9 – Create 20 more files

Day10 – Memorize a 20 line poem

Day11 – Speeches without notes

Day12 – Abstract Data

Day13 – More speeches

Day14 – More practice languages

Day15 – Advanced techniques

Day 16 – Learn to hear a 20 digit # once and retain it

Day 17 – More training in number

Day 18 – How to recall names and faces

Day 19 – How to recall names and faces

Day 20 – How to recall names and faces

Day 21 – How to recall names and faces

Day 22 – Learn to recall appointments and dates

Day 23 – Memory graph for locations or maps

Day 24 – Fun memory games

Day 25 – Use file to recall 20 random words

Day 26 – Directions, numbers, names

Day 27 – Build and review 65 mental files

Day 28 – 26 new files to store data

Day 29 – Memorize preamble to Constitution

Day 30 – Summarize and prepare for future!